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Mirakulum has been with you for 12 years

We’re the best at what we do in the Czech market, which makes us trendsetters for others. Families with children from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and other nearby countries visit us every year with excitement.
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Important things you should know before visiting the park

No animals allowed

We love animals, and we even have a few in our mini zoo, but please leave your pets at home

No bicycles allowed

Do not enter the park with kickback scooter, scooters, bicycles and other vehicles. We care about the safety of our visitors.

No smoking

The park has designated smoking areas. When you are outside these designated areas, please be considerate of others.

What you may also be interested in

Accommodation in the area

Mirakulum Park does not operate its own accommodation facilities, but there are several nearby hotels and guesthouses that we can recommend.

Assistance dogs

Please pre-book your visit with an assistance dog at mirakulum@mirakulum.cz. Thank you for helping us keep the park clean and our youngest visitors safe.

Healthcare service

A medical professional is always present at Mirakulum Park. You will recognize him by his characteristic yellow vest and ambulance. You can reach him at 734 255 023.

Opening hours
 and tickets

May – September

10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

every day and on public holidays


10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday – Sunday and public holidays

From 27 October to 3 November

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Unified admission price per person

CZK 380

Season tickets per person

CZK 2,500

More information about tickets


Mirakulum Park

Topolová 629, 289 24 Milovice



for cars and buses

Public transport

Bus no. 432 runs every day from the Milovice train station to the Mirakulum Park station and back to the train station from the park

More about the
unified admission price

Unified admission price

CZK 380

This admission price is for persons with a height of 90 cm and over, and it is for the whole day.
Advantage based on height

90 cm

This admission price is for persons with a height of 90 cm and over, and it is for the whole day.

You don’t need to print

We will send the eTickets in an email. You can show the eTicket on your phone upon entry.

People with disabilities

CZK 180

If you provide proof that you belong to one of the listed groups, you will receive an automatic discount the admission price. This ticket can only be purchased at the Mirakulum Park ticket office.
People with disabilities with a guide

Free admission

If you provide proof that you belong to one of the listed groups, you will receive an automatic discount on the admission price. This ticket can only be purchased at the Mirakulum Park ticket office.
CZK 280

60 years of age and over

Visitors aged 60 and over pay an admission price of CZK 280. This ticket can only be purchased at the Mirakulum Park ticket office.

More about the
season tickets

Season tickets are issued in one holder’s name

They are non-transferable

Season tickets are issued in one holder’s name and are non-transferable. Visitors must present an ID card along with the season ticket. If an unauthorised person (a person other than the owner of the season ticket) uses the ticket to enter the park, the ticket will be cancelled without financial compensation and an administrative fee of CZK 250 will be charged for the issue of a new ticket. You must always carry the season ticket with you when entering the park. To ensure proof of identity, we do not allow scanning of season tickets with a phone application.
Number of entries

Unlimited entries

The season ticket offers an unlimited number of entries. The season ticket is valid until the end of the 2024 season.

Picking up a season ticket


After you pay for the ticket, we will send you a voucher by email to pick up your season ticket at the ticket office (in the off-season you can pick the ticket up at the Mirakulum Park office).

Handcarts, lockers and wristbands


You can store your belongings in a locker for a CZK 10 deposit. The lockers are right through the ticket checking area and in the Water World locker room.


Once you pass through the ticket checking area, you can rent a handcart for luggage up to a maximum weight of 13 kg. The rental price is CZK 150 + a CZK 200 deposit – both must be paid in cash. The handcart must be returned by 5:00 p.m. at the latest.


You can pick up wristbands at the ticket checking area for your children and write your phone number on them. If your children get lost, this will make it easier for us to contact you; our staff is prepared for these situations.

What should you take along?

  • Activewear for you and your children
  • A flashlight for the underground tunnels
  • A blanket or other picnic accessories
  • Extra clothing for your children
  • Swimsuits (swim diapers for small children)
  • We offer a varied selection of refreshments, but you can also bring your own food and drinks.
  • You can pick up wristbands at the ticket checking area for your children and write your phone number on them. This will make it easier for us to contact you if your children get lost.

Our amusement and educational park is surrounded by nature, and we even have a mini petting zoo!

We offer original fun and a number of imaginative games for children and parents.

Mirakulum Park in Milovice, Central Bohemia, offers original fun and leisure activities with many imaginative games on an area of 12 hectares. The park has a forest playground, a petting zoo, giant trampolines and swings, rope courses, underground tunnels, climbing frames and a varied selection of refreshments. You can also take a ride in an IFV in the nearby Tankodrome.
Parking is free for cars and buses. 4 food courts in different areas of the park offer a varied selection of food.
  • A keep with a unique design, 8 towers and underground tunnels
  • The tallest tower of the keep
  • Art performances in an amphitheatre
  • A narrow-gauge steam railway 
  • Rides in infantry fighting vehicles
  • A petting and forest zoo
  • A farm for the little ones
  • A colourful children’s village in the land of Pigy the piglet for the little ones
  • A beautiful forest playground that also extends to the treetops
  • Giant swings, trampolines and a carousel
  • Several slides – both big and small
  • The large Water World 

Are you ready to have fun?

Visit us with your family!

Mirakulum Park

Topolová 629, 289 24 Milovice, district Nymburk

We offer unrivalled comfort for families with children, including free parking, maintained picnic meadows, pleasant sitting areas, plenty of shade, clean toilets and a wide selection of quality refreshments throughout the park. 

4,8 out of 5 / we regularly receive high ratings

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