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You will find a land full of games, fun, trees, animals and children’s imagination in Milovice in the Nymburk District. This unique amusement and educational park stretching over an area of 12 hectares was inspired by the best of parks around the world and the most secret children’s wishes.

The Mirakulum Keep

A massive keep with a unique design and a great view


We are opening the Water World on June 1, 2023

Water World

A unique water structure that is great fun for everyone regardless of age

Forest City

A branching forest city with towers and rope courses in the treetops, as well as an extensive network of underground tunnels

Rope Centre

You can cross up to half of Mirakulum Park on rope bridges


There are two tubing tracks available for inner tube rides


It seems like this carousel never stops while the park is open. It even tilts.


Take a walk through the treetops and try out our slides of various sizes


Try to conquer this volcano with a slide

A unique playground in the Czech Republic

The smallest visitors can enjoy the farm's facilities, which can be found nowhere else in the Czech Republic. The entire zone is closed so that children are under constant parental supervision and cannot wander away unnoticed.

Rustic kitchen and accessories

There are also accessories in the form of wicker baskets, chests, wheelbarrows and sieves in the farm premises. Children will certainly be interested in the farmhouse kitchen with a tiled stove and stoneware pots.

Wooden harvester

Small technicians will be impressed by the wooden combine harvester, it has lots of buttons and knobs, a flashing beacon to signal that the harvest has started and the grain is being harvested.

Livestock to touch

Children can get up close and personal with life-size and real-life farm animals.

Plenty of shady places

In the farm area you will find shady places with benches where parents can relax in peace. Nearby are sanitary facilities and refreshments.

The atmosphere of a real farm

The whole atmosphere is accentuated by impeccably detailed furnishings and captivating paintings on the walls, seamlessly connected to the farm premises.


A unique playground that you won’t find anywhere else in the Czech Republic

Although the animals aren’t real, they are very realistic in appearance and size.

Mysterious Maze

Will you manage to find your way out of the dense hornbeam bushes?

Giant Trampolines

25 x 13 metre giant trampolines

Educational Forest Trail

This place is mostly intended for schools and kindergartens. You can visit this majestic forest as part of environmental and natural history education.

Educational and environmental elements

Our Mirakulum Park combines fun and education. We want you and your children to relax and have lots of fun while also learning something.

Forest Animals

A section with animals from the rescue station is part of the Educational Forest Trail, where you can see the Eurasian eagle-owl, a squirrel, a fox and a raven.

Forest Trail with Animals

A pleasant walk through a peaceful forest trail that is also educational

Educational Gardens

You can take a walk through gardens with 12 types of agricultural crops and a number of herbs, the types and appearance of which vary depending on the season.

Educational gardens

You will walk along paved paths between the gardens with many plant species that you will get the opportunity learn about.

Notice the scent

You can smell each plant and get to know their characteristic scent.

Herb gardens

The colourful gardens, neat garden beds and beautiful scent will pleasantly tickle your senses.

Recharge your energy

Greenery, fresh air and peace and quiet; treat yourself to this in the quiet zone of the educational gardens, where you can relax.

Giant Swings

There are four giant swings directly in the centre of the park.

Children’s Village

This village’s distinctive design awakens children’s imagination, which especially the smallest children like to use in their games.

Unique design

The children's village plays with colours and distinctive shapes. Enter the world of children's imagination.

Mirror hall

Enjoy fun illusions, laughter and astonished expressions in a room full of mirrors.

Fairy tale world

Take your children to this village that will draw you into a world of fairy tales, magic and fun.

Petting Zoo

You can enter the Dutch dwarf goat enclosure and pet them.


Theatrical and musical performances, animal training demonstrations and magic shows are performed here.

Underground Tunnels

Underground Tunnels

Two levels of pitch dark underground tunnels. Don't forget to bring a flashlight.

Children’s Workshops


Creative art workshops are held on five hundred square metres of enclosed space.

What you may also enjoy

From the park you can take a ride on a narrow-gauge railway and experience an adrenaline rush in infantry fighting vehicles at the Milovice Tankodrome. The admission price to Mirakulum Park does not cover the train and IFV ride.


To the Milovice Tankodrome and back for CZK 100/person. 

Narrow-gauge railway

Mirakulum Park is connected to the tankodrome by a narrow-gauge railway. Hurry up so you don't miss the train!

Milovice Tankodrome and IFVs

The price of an IFV ride is CZK 250/person. For more information, visit


Highly attractive rides in infantry fighting vehicles for both children and adults.

We offer unrivalled comfort for families with children, including free parking, maintained picnic meadows, pleasant sitting areas, plenty of shade, clean toilets and a wide selection of quality refreshments throughout the park. 

4,8 out of 5 / we regularly receive high ratings

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